About Us

Cognitions Healthcare is the leading private mental health hospital in Abuja.

We are dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental and emotional problems, eating disorders and addictions for male, female, young and adults.

Our team of Consultant Psychiatrist, Doctors, Psychologist and Nurses treat each patient as an individual. We offer a wide range of evidence-based specialist treatments and therapies through outpatient, day patient, and inpatient programs, all from our welcoming but discreet location at Apo, Abuja.

Cognitions Healthcare is an ideal setting for you to feel confident to explore your mental health and emotional issues. Our hospital is designed to support a safe, caring and confidential experience.

Our facilities include two private consultation rooms which are designed to ensure patients privacy, group session and therapy room, relaxation room and a mini gym for exercises.

“Cognitions Health Care continues to provide excellent services, both to in and out patients. The range of services provided enables us to place patients swiftly and appropriately”